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Specializing in Employee Handbook Translation to Spanish and USCIS Birth Certificate Translation to English (From Spanish, Portuguese, Italian & French)

Certified Spanish and English Translations
2024 Translation Rates & Company Information
Centrally located, the Southeast Spanish translation team works collaboratively to offer accurate and guaranteed translations, affordable rates, and exceptional service. We never outsource your documents. We are a community-focused organization that is significantly unlike most translation agencies. A portion of each translation is donated to one of many charities focused on children, education, and health in Latin America.
  • All translations are verified and certified by university trained linguists with at least Master's degrees.
  • Our translation certification has been accepted by hundreds of federal, state and local governmental agencies; it is valid in all fifty states and has never been rejected or returned for any reason.
2024 Rates for our most commonly translated documents
  • Birth Certificate and/or Marriage Certificate (front and back)
    • $54 for one document.
    • Includes Federal Certification Process for USCIS and other agencies
    • Acta de nacimiento y/o acta de matrimonio
  • Driver’s License (any country, front and back)
    • $59 includes translation, certification (notarization when necessary)
    • Includes all DMV (SC), BMV (IN) forms (other states as well)
    • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • Criminal Background Checks, Letters of Good Behavior
    • From $54 depending on the total number of words
    • Certificado de Antecedentes Penales
    • FBI Fingerprint Submission, Identity History Summary (IdHS)
  • Diploma (high school, college, other) Other professional certificates
    • From $42 depending on number of words
  • Transcripts (high school, college or other school)
    • $15-35 per page, depending on the total number of words per page
    • Hard-copies mailed to one address, $8 for additional copies
  • Legal Documents (all kinds): from $0.09/word
    • Average $0.09 per word ($20 to $35 per page average)
    • Includes certification for all federal, state or local courts
  • Divorce Decrees, Death Certificates, Bills of Clean Health
    • Average $0.09 per word ($20 to $35 per page average)
    • Includes certification of translation, which is valid nationally
  • Automobile Title from Puerto Rico (título de auto)
    • $79 both pages (front and back)
    • Includes required documentation when necessary
  • Employee Handbooks, Policy Manuals, HR Guidebooks, MSDS Sheets
    • Average: $0.09 to $0.12/word
    • Guaranteed accuracy and readability
    • Completed by two professional translators
  • Passport Translation to English (first two pages)
    • $59, includes certification
    • Notarized when necessary
  • Certification of Translation (Official Translation, Sworn Translation)
    • USCIS Certification Process: Included in most prices
    • USCIS Electronic Submission File, delivered via email: $0
    • Includes signed affidavit, which is our translator’s certification statement
    • Each page contains our translation certification stamp, the translator's signature and the date of translation
  • All Translations include the Federal Certification process; however, additional certification processes, when necessary, are as follows:
    • Notarized Translation: $9 (third-party notary)
    • Apostilles and Authentication Services: $70 (for international submission)
    • Certification for Real-Estate Transactions: No extra charge (included)
    • Certification for Federal, State or Local Courts: No extra charge (included)
    • Certification for Immigration: USCIS (INS): No extra charge (included)

·         FBI Fingerprint Submission, Identify History Summary (IdHS), Biometric Report

o   $49 for translation and certification (certified translation valid abroad)

o   $20 to translate the federal apostille (U.S. Department of State)

o   Includes bilingual certification written in Spanish and English

Translation Quotes are Simple and Easy

We must review large documents (such as Employee Manuals, MSDS Sheets, Safety Handbooks and so on) in order to provide an accruate, written quote.
Save time and send your documents (in any file type) direct to us.

(877) 374-0095 (office)

We will provide a written quote within a few hours or less.

In order to keep rates down, we never advertise.
Our customers advertise for us; see what they are saying.

The following comments have been posted on our Google Local, Google + sites:

 "Outstanding!" "Flawless translation" "Very inexpensive" "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" "We are very impressed!" "I will recommend your services to anyone and everyone!" "You're a lifesaver!" "¡Mil gracias!" "Great service, convenient process, fast transaction" "Well done!" "¡Impresionante!" "Best translation group around" "It doesn't get easier than this!" "Fast, simple, easy! Thank you!" "Great quality and excellent service" "Nice people, well organized process"

Southeast Spanish serves: 

1)   Individuals who need documents translated:

  1. Birth Certificates (actas de nacimiento)
  2. Marriage Licenses (foreign and domestic)
  3. Passports and Driver's Licenses
  4. Apostille from any state or federal government
  5. Adoption Paperwork, Legal documents
  6. Employment Verification
  7. Citizenship and residency paperwork and forms
  8. International transcripts and other educational documents
  9. Notarized Translations, Official Translations
  10. Certification -- USCIS, NVC, DOJ, Dept. of State, etc.

2)   Businesses/organizations needing translations of:

  1. Employee Handbook Translation, Safety Manual Translation
  2. Employee Manuals in Spanish
  3. OSHA and Saftey Materials in Spanish
  4. Service Manuals and Spanish HR Forms
  5. Sales and Marketing Materials
  6. Religious, Non-Profit, and Governmental Documents
  7. A variety of other forms and documents

3)   Translators and professional educators in need of:

  1. Supplementary income
  2. Flexible work hours
  3. Practical and professional experience

4)   Charities that support:

  1. Homeless children in Latin America
  2. Construction of wells in Guatemala and Colombia
  3. Education of children and adults in impoverished regions
  4. Environmental protection in Central America

Locations of Southeast Spanish:

Atlanta, GA  (404) 954-2750
Birmingham, AL (205) 201-1745
Chattanooga, TN (423) 521-0275
Charlotte, NC (980) 355-9275
Cincinnati, OH (513) 549-2750 
Columbia, SC (803) 386-1705
Greenville, SC (864) 735-8275
Knoxville, TN (865) 777-1177
Houston, TX (832) 303-9004
Indianapolis, IN (317) 731-2005
Lexington, KY (859) 242-5020
Memphis, TN (901) 205-9275
Nashville, TN (615) 807-0059
Orlando, FL (407) 906-9600
Raleigh, NC  (919) 410-7075
Tri-Cities, TN (423) 302-0458




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